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Why the title??:S??

I liked it a lot great loop al flowed real nice but why the title just a question i dont get the title

Ying-yong responds:

The title doesn't do anything with the movie, I just thought about having infinity cents with an amount of money. I just thought the title sounded cool.

I liked it

I liked it nice flash , "but" <=(i know its a pain in the ass) No story line , no dialoge , and to short... :p work on that :p

Nice and sketchy

Pretty nice flash tho you know that it needs work ...some finisching touches , colour? , No sketches?? just an idea...:p anyway great!! here to stay!

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...Elfenlied ^^

I would give u a 10 just for using my favorite
"Elfen Lied"
Graphics where spot on , sounds also.
A little short, but Loved it anyway.

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Euhm dude!!!!

You rule i will pray 4 you from now on this game is so freaking awsome man

I swear your the best man
Please make a second please
I will die if you don't make a second :)
And add more weapons and coller characters if you do but this is awsome!!!!! (longer arena mode 2 plz)

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...And now tell me something new...

LOC!! this is A Load of Crap

ELFERRETO responds:

ill tell you something new... that was abusiuve!

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Hey me again

I'll be here...
I'll be waiting here...
For what...
I'll be waiting here... for you... so
If you come here...
You'll find me
I promise.

Yes its me again...:p awsome just incredible... You do another audio from FF8 send it to my e-mail adres plz : Garyruler@hotmail.com

LightOtaku responds:

I'll be sure to do just that. ^_^
I plan to do the whole soundtrack.

Don't listen thim !

dont listen to him i really liked it keep on going!

Don't care what anyone thinks you think its good well then it is!
It is good!

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How did you get the audio?

How did you get the audio from punk-o-matic to your pc?

Great anyway!!

ibreakey22 responds:

As I responded to the other person, I used a recording program. If you happen to end up getting Audacity, then when you record, play the song and then choose wave out mix when you record it. With Audacity you can also put different effects on it too.

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